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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

CFP: Papers for Technology for Education and Learning

------- General Call for Papers for Technology for Education and Learning -----------
The electronic version of this cfp can be seen at

Technology for Education and Learning

Continued technological innovation is transforming traditional approaches
to education and learning. Students, teachers, and administrators, as well as
researchers and policy-makers, all have a stake in how best to approach
the integration of technology into the educational process. Technology for
Education and Learning is an interdisciplinary journal which explores
all aspects of this integration.

Editor in Chief:
Dr. Maiga Chang (maiga.chang@gmail.com)

Associate Editors (in alphabet order):
Dr. Rita Kuo, USA
Dr. Eric Zhi-Feng Liu, Taiwan
Dr. Wolfgang Mueller, Germany

Suggested topics:
We cordially invite authors to submit high quality manuscripts for any
application domain as long as the core of the manuscript belongs one or
more of the following and has technological focus and innovative technology for
education and learning:

- Affective computing, Emotional intelligence, and Sentiment analysis
- Artificial intelligence (AI) and computational intelligence (CI)
- Assessment, misconception diagnosis, and evaluation
- Cognitive modelling
- Collaborative learning, Competitive learning, and CSCL
- Distributed and multi-agent systems
- Game-based learning, teaching, and assessment
- Human-Computer Interaction
- Innovative learning and teaching practices
- Intelligent agents and multi-agent systems
- Learning styles, learning theory, and learning technology
- Mobile technology or ubiquitous computing for learning
- Natural language processing, Text Mining, and Data Mining
- Online community
- Online learning
- Personality analysis, recognition, and extraction
- Simulations and gaming
- Social network analysis
- Special education
- Virtual reality, Virtual world, and Augmented reality
- Web 2.0, 3.0, x.0

Manuscript guidelines:
All submissions have to follow Technology for Education and Learning
submission guidelines (http://www.actapress.com/submissioninfo.aspx).
The document template can be found at http://www.actapress.com/PDFs/template.doc.
You need to sign in the system http://www.actapress.com/review/UI/logon.aspx
(or through http://actapress.com/Content_of_Journal.aspx?JournalID=166#task-4)
to submit your manuscript.

Special Issue proposals:
We also encourage potential research in any fields related to the journal
to form a high quality guest editorial team to submit special issue proposal
to Editor in Chief by email, for any emerging, important, and hot topics.
The special issue proposal sample can be downloaded at

Reviewer Invitation:
Being a reviewer of Journal of Technology for Education and Learning, you would be
asked for reviewing manuscripts at least twice a year (maximum four times a year)
and the review should be done in 21 days. If you are willing to be a reviewer of
the journal, please email me (maiga.chang@gmail.com) the following information:
1. Name
2. Affilation
3. Country
4. Contact email
5. Short Bio
6. Publication list or url
7. Research interests (please pick up from the suggested topics listed in the call for papers,
    please choose as many as as possible, so we can assign manuscripts that you really
    want for you)

Publish as "standard" or "open-access":
TEL is a so-called hybrid journal (http://www.actapress.com/hybrid.aspx)
where the author has the option to publish as "standard" or "open-access."
Authors do NOT have to pay the open-access fee $450 if they chose
to publish in the standard journal.
Note: Both options are subjected to the 8-page limit, i.e., if a paper exceeds
8 printed pages, there will be a US $100 per page fee

For queries, please contact Dr. Maiga Chang (maiga.chang@gmail.com)

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