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Public / open labs

Augmented Reality Wiki -- "Resources related to Augmented Reality."

Banff New Media Institute's ART Mobile Lab

Brown University's directory of Art & Technology programs -- A lengthy list of these programs, plus a related site of even greater breadth focused on experimental media.

Center for Digital Storytelling -- "The Center for Digital Storytelling is an international not-for-profit community arts organization rooted in the craft of personal storytelling. We assist youth and adults around the world in using media tools to share, record, and value stories from their lives, in ways that promote artistic expression, health and well being, and justice."

Center for Locative Media -- "The Center for Locative Media works with different cultural and educational communities to enable the creation, delivery and distribution of narrative histories of people and places using emerging and locative technologies. To date, the Locative Media space has primarily been inhabited by artists. But as educators and amateur neo-geographers, we found a rich vein of place-based pedagogy to tap into. Here story was already married to place. As technologists we watched the tools become available to not only tag content to place, but to experience it in that place."

Center for Mobile Communication Studies -- "The world’s first academic unit to focus solely on social aspects of mobile communication. Established in June 2004 at Rutgers University’s School of Communication and Information, the Center has become an international focal point for research, teaching and service on the social, psychological and organizational consequences of the burgeoning mobile communication revolution."

Civic Tourism -- "Civic Tourism is an extension of and tool for other 'place-based' approaches, such as cultural heritage tourism, ecotourism, and geotourism. The mission of Civic Tourism is to "reframe" tourism's purpose – from an end to a means; that is, from an economic goal to a tool that can help the public enhance what they love about their place."

Columbia University Computer Graphics and User Interfaces Lab

Columbia University's MARS (Mobile Augmented Reality Systems)

Georgia Tech's Augmented Environments Laboratory

JakesOnline.org -- Many digital storytelling resources here, courtesy of Dave Jakes.

LoJoConnect.com -- "Shorthand for locative journalism, LoJo is the name of a project launched by a team of Northwestern University graduate students to study the intersection of journalism and emerging location-based technologies. Through this project, we hope to create interactive and informative mobile experiences that push innovation in journalism."

Mobile Government Consortium -- "The next inevitable direction of evolution of eGovernment. It is about modernising the public sector organizations - hence the business processes, the work and the workers - using mobile technologies, applications and services. mGovernment is not only about technology but rather how technology revolutionise the public sector activities and how the society adopts these technologies."

M.I.T. Center for Civic Media

M.I.T. Locast

M.I.T. Media Lab

M.I.T. Mobile Experience Laboratory

National University of Singapore

Open Mobile Consortium -- "The Open Mobile Consortium is a thriving community of mobile technologists and practitioners working to drive open source mobile solutions for more effective and efficient humanitarian relief and global social development. The Open Mobile Consortium aims to: Implement joint mobile solutions in the field. Maximize interoperability and data-sharing capabilities between our technologies. And streamline development, deployment, and use of open source mobile technologies."

USC's Mobile and Environmental Media Lab

Private labs

Blast Theory -- A British arts organization that incorporates interactive medi

"Digital Storytelling Initiative" -- "With our emphasis on place, we are taking this opportunity to integrate a place-based pedagogy into our digital storytelling work."

Interactive Narratives -- "Designed to capture the best of online visual storytelling as practiced by online and print journalists from around the country and the world."

iTacitus -- "Explored ways in which information technology could be employed to encourage cultural tourism."

Max Media -- Aligned with Untravel Media to create Adobe's mobile storytelling team.

Microsoft Research -- "Dedicated to conducting both basic and applied research in computer science and software engineering."

MoCom2020 -- "An open think tank about mobile media worldwide. Our goal is to develop a visualized vision of the future of mobile media in the year 2020."

Open Screen Project -- "The Open Screen Project is an industry-wide initiative, led by Adobe with the participation of other industry leaders, with one clear vision: Enable consumers to engage with rich Internet experiences seamlessly across any device, anywhere."

7Scenes -- GPS platform from the Netherlands.

Total Immersion -- Large-scale augmented reality for corporate uses.

Trans-Reality Game Lab -- "A research laboratory specializing in the development of new game forms and technologies integrating virtual and physical modes of game play."

Untravel Media -- Aligned with Max Media to create Adobe's mobile storytelling team.

Urban Tapestries -- "A research project and experimental software platform for knowledge mapping and sharing – public authoring – conceived and developed by Proboscis."

Waag Society -- Locative media pioneers.

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