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Friday, May 18, 2012

Added: The Carrier

"The Carrier, a complete original graphic novel by Philadelphia creator Evan Young, is now available worldwide. This marks a watershed moment for the American comic book industry: The Carrier is the first graphic novel to be published exclusively on the iPhone. "For the first time, a complete original graphic novel has been published exclusively on a mobile device in the United States," says Evan Young, creator of the story and co-founder of StopWatch Media, the company behind The Carrier. "This is not simply a single-issue comic book or a graphic novel that has already appeared in print and been repurposed for the iPhone. The Carrier is a complete, original graphic novel published first and only on the iPhone, integrating the iPhone's core technological capabilities into a creative storytelling experience," he says. And technology is a significant part of what makes The Carrier unique: the iPhone app, which can be downloaded at The Carrier's App Store page, utilizes mobile technology in its storyline and taps into the full power of the iPhone as a platform for integrating geolocation services, messaging, email and more. The result is that each reader comes away with a personalized experience."

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