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Monday, November 19, 2012

A Gullah heritage tourism app in South Carolina

Here’s the report on it:

"Protecting Gullah Land and Community: A Locative Media Website for Tourism, Community Planning and Education

By Kris Vidos

In its simplest form, locative media is a portal through which location can be connected to content. By delivering content directly to a hand-held GPS-enabled device, the interpretive material has the potential to create a visitor experience that is simultaneously self-directed, has low infrastructure costs, and has minimal negative impact to the local community and their cultural landscapes. However, the use and impacts of this technology on heritage tourism, particularly with respect to diffuse heritage resources such as heritage corridors and cultural landscapes, has yet to be fully explored.
This project looks at the application of locative media on the heritage landscape of the Gullah community of St. Helena Island, South Carolina. The goal for this project was to convey the cultural resources of an important historic landscape while adding to the current visitor resources of the Penn Center complex, and providing a multi-layered visitor experience. The project focused around the development of a website with two goals: one, to inform virtual visitors about the history and culture of the community on St. Helena, particularly as it related to the island’s cultural landscape; and two, to create an interpretive delivery system for tourists that did not place the communities and their residents 'on display.' ..."

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