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Friday, December 31, 2010

Mobilestorytelling.net's mission

As an experimental journalist / educator / researcher in a world of media convergence, I have delivered and studied stories in many different ways. Each method has its important distinctions -- per Marshall McLuhan's prescient thought, "The Medium is the Message" -- but what is, exactly, the essence of mobile storytelling?

When I first started pondering that thought, in May of 2009, very little information about the topic was accessible and available. I wished so much that there was a hub of resources related to this emerging field that I decided to just build it myself. I figured I was collecting the material anyway, so why not share?

From the many positive responses I have received from around the world since then, that was a wonderful decision. I hope more people really think carefully about what is lost from hoarding information inside walled gardens (or intellectual towers), and what is gained from openness and collaboration and freely giving away digital information. In short, it doesn't make me any poorer to do that, and it makes everyone else richer. In fact, it even makes my life better, too, by helping to build a bigger and stronger community of people within which to bounce ideas.

In that spirit, I also don't want (and never wanted) this to be a solo effort. My hope is that people will find amazing things here that they want to take with them, and they will leave other things of value behind. So please send me your ideas, links, whatever, and I'll post them here, too, giving you credit for the contribution, of course. You can either post those to this message, or reach me here:

Brett Oppegaard's e-mail

Or through Twitter:@BrettOppegaard

Thanks for spending your precious time on MobileStorytelling.net. If there is anything I can do to improve the site, please let me know,

- Brett Oppegaard

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